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Started in the U.K. in 1994 as International Journal of Punjāb Studies, it continued as Journal of Punjāb Studies under the auspices of the Global Studies Department at UC Santa Barbara from 2004 to 2015. In 2016, it moved to the newly created Global Institute for Sikh Studies, New York, and reincarnated itself as Journal of Sikh & Punjāb Studies.

JSPS' primary goal is to disseminate the latest research on the Punjab, a region located in the northwest of the Indian subcontinent. It welcomes articles on any facet of the land and its people from the Indus Valley Civilization (2000BCE) to the political bifurcation of the region into East Punjab (India) and West Punjab (Pakistan), in 1947, and the migration of many Punjabis around the globe in the subsequent decades.

JSPS is FREE, and we at GISS sincerely hope that scholars, teachers, students, and lay readers would make good use of this reservoir of information. All 24 volumes carrying over 200 articles and a large set of book reviews can be accessed and downloaded.


Journal of Sikh & Punjab Studies
Volume 27 - Numbers 1 & 2
Spring-Fall 2020

Journal of Sikh & Punjab Studies - Volume 27, Nos. 1 & 2, Spring-Fall 2020

Table of Contents

  VOLUME 27, Number 1 - SPRING 2020  
Hardeep Kaur  Understanding Early Formation of Punjabi Diaspora:
Causes and Dispersions
Birinder Pal Singh   Dakhani Sikhs and the Legacy of Guru Gobind Singh
Arunajeet Kaur   Police Gurdwaras of the Straits Settlements and the Malay States (1874-1957)
Nicole Ranganath  "Double Passage": Marriage & Migration in Punjabi American Women’s Narratives  
Gurjinder Kaur
& Jaswinder S Brar
Emigration from Farm Households of Punjab:
Nature, Extent and Incidence
Kamlesh Goyal
& Kamaljit Singh 
How well is Punjab Progressing in Human Development? A District Wise Analysis
Gurjeet Kaur
& Sukhwinder Singh  
Changing Pattern of Diseases and Public Health Care in Indian Punjab
Pritam Singh
& Rajkamal Singh Mann  
The Illusion and Reality of anti-Modi wave in Punjab 2019 General Election: A Note
Book Review Panel
Books Reviewed
Did Indian Federalism Fail Punjab?
  VOLUME 27, Number 2 - FALL 2020  
Amarjit Chandan  Punjabi Autobiographies 
Kaneez Fatima Syeda
& Mazhar Hayat  
Dyeing the Soul in Red: Mystical Union in the Poetry of Hussain 
Fatima Hussain  Discerning Patterns of Peaceful Co-Existence in Hir Varis Shah  
Barjinder Singh
& Alpna Saini  
Revisiting Partition of Punjab: Retrieving Women’s Experience through KhamoshPani  
Maninderjit Singh  ‘Great Game’ as a ‘Game Changer’: Transformation of Polity, Economy, and Society of Punjab (1809-1907)  
Jeanne Sheehan  No Shades of Views, No Variation of Opinion: A Case Study of Undivided Punjab’s First Premier Sikander Hyat-Khan 
Dirk HR Spennemann  Sioux Court and the Indians of Albury. Managing Punjabi Heritage in Rural NSW, Australia  


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