Global Institute for Sikh Studies






In the first phase, this area of GISS’ activity will include three distinct segments.

i. We will focus on preparing critical editions of the early Sikh texts and generating accurate translations. This effort will make it easier for scholars to comprehend pre-modern Sikh history. Scholars associated with GISS hope to start the compilation of Sources of Sikh Tradition in 2017. This volume will provide readings from early Sikh texts and is expected to serve as an introduction for any serious student of Sikh history. This will be followed by a set of texts that will provide both the Gurmukhi renderings and facing English translations.

ii. We will introduce the literary production of the Choṭā Mel and the Hindālīs, Sikh groups that fiercely rivaled what eventually developed into the mainstream during the late seventeenth century. This project will contribute significantly toward a more nuanced understanding of early Sikh society, as well as bringing into relief the uniqueness of what scholars now take to be the Sikh Panth. Dr. Joginder Singh Ahluwalia of Richmond, California is incharge of this project.

iii. We are planning to create a series of 10 volumes on Sikh history for children between 10 to 15 years of age. For an earlier effort, see below