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October 1, 2020:

Ajj Da Mudda with Gurinder Singh Mann
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September 1, 2020:

Baba Nanak’s joti jot samaunh purab at Kartarpur:
some reflections

by Gurinder Singh Mann



May 12, 2019: Renu Sud Sinha, Shiv Kumar: Poet of pain and death

We at GISS are honored to offer you a song of Shiv Kumar, a garāīn from Batala, in the voice of a dear neighbor, Harinder Kaur Hundal of Babehālī, Gurdāspur:



August 31, 2018: Iqbal Somia, vishavi paripekh vich punjabi bhasha.

February 18, 2018: Rishi Singh "A small world in a faraway land."

February 5, 2018: "Punjab and Punjabi Language," an interview with Amarjit Chandan, a London based Punjabi poet"



November 2, 2017: "Question that drove film on 1984 anti-Sikh riots: ‘If we don’t talk about our history, who will?’."

September, 2017: Harjit Singh Gill, "The Language of the Adi Granth."

August 12, 2017: Gita Chadha, "Evoking Waris Shah."

August 4, 2017: A. C. Thompson, "Sikhs in America: A History of Hate."

July 29, 2017: Gagan Preet Singh, "Politics of Punjab's 'Law of Historical Memory."

July 23, 2017: Mahmood Awan on Politics, partition, and poetry

April 10, 2017: Urvashi Butalia on why men killed women and children during Partition

March 28, 2017: Angad Singh in Times Squre: Speaking out against hate crimes"/

March 24, 2017: Rajpreet Heir, A Sikh Women’s Subway Ride” /

February 15, 2017: Ronki Ram, "Myth of the third alternative."

January 28, 2017: Valarie Kaur at Watch Knight Service in Los Angles

January 12, 2017: Azam Gill, "Why have we forgotten the long lost glory of the Punjabi language?"



November 25, 2016: Shinder Singh Thandi, "Nikki Haley seizes the moment to become the first from Sikh heritage to be in Trump’s Cabinet"

July 1, 2016: Shinder Singh Thandi, "Why Indians voted 'Leave'?"

April 23, 2016: G.S. Mann, “The Khālsā Panth,” in the souvenir distributed on the Sikh Day Parade, New York City. 



August 12, 2012: From Stockton to Oak Creek: A Sikh Century in the United States