Global Institute for Sikh Studies







Outreach: 2017

Participated in a discussion on Future possibilities for Sikh studies in CA, San Francisco, September 8.

Participated in a discussion on Building database for early Sikh texts, San Francisco, September 7-8.

Participated in a discussion on Walking with Nanak, BVSSS New Delhi, May 20.

Participated in a seminar on “Language, Literature, and Gender,” Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi, May 19.

“Remembering Baring College,” at a dinner meeting, Press Club, Chandigarh, May 16.

"Baba Nanak: His life and Legacy," Center for Guru Granth Studies, GNDU, Amritsar, May 5.

Presided over a discussion session on "Transmission of Sikh Scriptural Traditions," BVSSS, New Delhi, April 28.

"Sikhs and Sikhism," a question answer session via skype, Carthage College, Kenosha, WI, April 10.

"The Sikhs of North America," a public lecture, Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, New York, March 6.

Outreach: 2016

Met with Jasjeet Singh, a community activist, and Gurjit Singh of Jakārā, to discuss ways to help create an environment in which Sikh leadership and scholars in Sikh studies can work together. The firm consensus was that the distinct status of the Panth from its very inception, Sikh belief in the revealed nature of Gurū Granth Sahib (dhur kī baņī), and the significant position of Darbār Sāhib and Akāl Takhat in Sikh history will constitute the ground for this cooperation (for my writings on these issues, click here, San Francisco, December 17-18

"The Sikhs of North America," a public lecture, University of Ohio, Athens, Nov 15.

Shinder Singh Thandi and I met with Gary Gilbert, Dan Michon, and Chloe Martinez, Department of Religion, Claremont McKenna College, to work out the details of introducing “Sikhism” at CMC beginning Spring 2017, November 8

Shinder Singh Thandi and I met with Gibb Schreffler, Department of Music, Pomona College, to assess the prospects of introducing Sikh studies in the Consortium of Claremont Colleges, November 8

Shinder Singh Thandi and I had a lunch meeting with Harvinder Singh Sahota at his office in Bell Flower, LA, to discuss the prospects of his initiative of establishing Sikh Studies position at UC Irvine, November 8

“The Gurdvara and the Sikh Panth,” University of California, Santa Barbara, Nov 7.

Participated in the Divālī celebrations and the ceremony to honor Wāris Ahluwalia held at Gracie Mansion, New York, October 19.

Had two-hour discussion with Dr. N.S. Kapāny regarding plans for the 50th Anniversary of the Sikh Foundation International to be celebrated in May 2017, Woodside, October 2

Participated and made a presentation entitled "Gurū Gobind Singh: Life and Mission," at the International Sikh Conclave organized by the state government of Bihār, Patnā, to commemorate the 350th birth anniversary of Gurū Gobind Singh, September 22-24

Co-sponsored langar before the panel on “Speaking the Sikh Experience: Visible Difference in the Crucible of Change,” at “The Pluralism Project at 25: Diversity and Inclusion in the American Crucible,” Harvard University, September 22-23

At the invitation of the City Hall, New York, participated in a session to build bridges among immigrants and refugee communities, September 15, 2016.

Met with James Swenson (Dean, Humanities); Tia M. Kolebaba, Tia Jiang, D. Christian Lammerts, Emma J. Wasserman (Religion Department); and Paul Kuznekoff (Director, Development), all of Rutgers University on September 9, 2016, and we at GISS are very grateful for their decision to introduce a course on Sikhism in their regular curriculum beginning Spring 2017.

Met with Sonny Singh Aulakh, Bikram Singh Gill, Kashmir Singh Gill at the residence of Jasbir Kaur and Karmjit Singh Sidhu (5 Winthrop Gait Road, Sparta, NJ 07871) to brainstorm the possibilities of building a base for Sikh studies in the Tri-state Area. (A. S. Aulakh and A.S. Grewal, who were expected to join could not make it), September 5, 2016.

Participated in an interfaith panel on “Life after Death,” organized by Rev. Peggy Niederer, a Lutheran pastor and in Interfaith activist in the New York area, and held at Senior Source, Riverside Plaza, Hackensack, June 6

Participated in the “Community Appreciation” event organized by NYPD Community Affairs Bureau, Immigrant Outreach Unit at The New York Historical Society Museum, May 17

At the invitation of Harinder and Tejinder Singh Bindra, the creators of the Gurū Nānak Interfaith Prize, participated in the award ceremony at Hofstra University, April 18, 2016

Met with Dr. Hakam Singh, the donor of the chair in Sikh Musicology at Hofstra University and discussed the overall state of the field and possible ways to consolidate it, April 27 (Port Washington, NY)

Met with Drs. Jaswinder and Amrik Singh Chattha, the primary donors of Sikh Studies chair at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, to discuss the possibility of reviving a Sikh exhibit at the Smithsonian Museums, Washington DC, February 25 (San Francisco)

At Dr. Nirvikar Singh’s invitation, he, Dr. S.S. Thandi, and G.S.Mann had a day long meeting at UC Santa Cruz to discuss the future of the field of Sikh Studies and how Sikh leadership should be involved in this activity, February 26