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Scholarly Exchange

GISS will organize as well as sponsor conferences and workshops that will create opportunities to address issues of key significance in Sikh Studies, strengthen goodwill among scholars in the field, cultivate an environment in which university-based scholars writing in English and Punjābī can learn and benefit from each other, and find new ways to involve the local granthīs, the custodians of the gurdvārās, to be involved in these discussions. In addition, we intend to make a concerted effort to bring scholars together with Sikh leadership, in order for both groups to have an ongoing dialogue and attempt to work actively together to advance the field. The fact that the Sikh community has contributed over $5 million toward the cause of Sikh studies in North America during the past three decades. We hope the GISS’s efforts will provide a creative and focused way forward. 


For earlier exchanges:

At Columbia:

Scholars, Punjābī poets and Sikh leaders (1989 and 1994)

Scholars and Sikh leaders at a conference (1989)
Scholars and Sikh leaders at a conference (1989)


In Punjāb:

Students with leading taksāli scholars (1998)
Students with leading ṭaksālī scholars (1998)



At UCSB 1999


At UCSB 2004


At UCSB 2009


At UCSB 2014